frozen yogurt blending machine

Do you have a plan to start a frozen yogurt business in the side during the summer? If you have such thoughts, you just hit a goldmine with this piece.

Frozen yogurt blending machine is your go-to guy. A blender is a machine that runs automatically and joins a hard scoop of ice cream and yogurt together to bring endless varieties of nuts, fruits and other ingredients into taste.

It provides unlimited combinations which allow you to have many tastes of specially made ice cream and yogurt. This blending tool is perfect for use in places like restaurants, health and fruit shops, cafes, and schools as well.

frozen yogurt blending machine


  • 2 Years Warranty
  • Made in the US or Japan
  • 10 Years Lifespan
  • Patent control
  • Different Colors

One of the great things about the frozen yogurt blending machine is that it provides everyone an optimum return on their investment. The device is easy to operate and doesn’t have any complications. Additionally, the blender machine is easy to maintain as it only takes some minutes to clean.

frozen yogurt blending machineThe Frozen Yogurt-Ice cream blender machine is essential for the ice cream seller and catering service providers who are going to sell the specialized frozen yogurt ice cream with several fruit and nuts and maximize profit at high margins.


Ice cream or frozen yogurt: two spoons each time

1-2 scoops of fruit (or other ingredients)

The best ingredient weight: 60 g / scoop