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Our brand-new economical type easy operation pizza dough press machine flattens the dough ball into uniform crusts in a little time. That is to say, with this dough press, you could easily press a variety of dough types for making the Mexican Tortilla, Pizza Crust, Pita Bread, Chapati, Parathas, and Lavash that kind of food.

Dough Press

This economical dough press is ideal for low to medium production volumes. It can flatten dough balls up to a final size of 18 inches. What’s more, the excellent embedded heating elements provide consistently and even heating for the dough pressing.


>Clamshell Design

>Economical Type

>Heated Upper Platen

>Full Range Product Thickness Adjustment

>Time And Temp Control

>Reliable and Safe Operation

>Produces Press Up To 18 Inches Diameter

>Compact Tabletop Design

Features with thickness and temperature control. This dough press allows you to adjust the pressing temperature and thickness for the different types of dough you are pressing.

Pizza Dough Press
Dough Pressing
High Efficiency Pizza Dough Press

Design with a countertop clamshell design, made of corrosion-resistance material, this easy operation dough press machine is ideal for upgrading your business’s efficiency and providing much more convenience for the kitchen job.

Wanna make consistent, yummy Chapati, Pizza crust easily? Then let us know and we will help you bring it home for your kitchen.