Blast Chiller Freezers

3 Reasons That You Need a Grandchill Blast Chiller

The blast chiller freezers are devices that can quickly lower the temperatures of an introduce foodstuff, whether precooked or new, maintaining their peculiarity during storage. Speed is very important because it helps in determining the dish quality and it can help in protecting and controlling the bacteria.

Here are some reasons why you should use our blast chiller freezers:

2 years warranty, 10 years product lifetime.
Granchill forces on the refrigeration equipment manufacturing standard of EU and U.S.A. We take “2 years warranty, 10 years’ product lifetime” as our goal to manufacturing the durable and energy saving blast chiller freezer.

Fast Refrigeration Speed, From +30˚C to -30˚C Only 30 Minutes.
With a +30˚C to -30˚C of temperature by time, the products that you are storing in this blast freezer are can be freeze within 30 minutes. With an easier speed of refrigeration, the possibility of bacteria can’t easily happen. Apart from it, you can also enjoy eating your made food in an easier pace of time.

75 mm Thermal Insulation and 1.1 mm Stainless Steel 304.
We choose the best brand that you will purchase is not about how effective and efficient it is. You also need to look for environmental friendly appliances. The foaming body of this blast freezer is smooth, and the foaming has 75 mm and wrapped with 1.1 mm thick stainless steel 304, and same material for the chamber.

The blast chiller freezers are the refrigeration equipment for the western restaurant, gelato ice cream machine, bakery house, so please feel free to contact us to buy the excellent blast chiller.
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