Grandchill Refrigeration at The Hotelex Shanghai Trade Fair

If you are searching for current information about latest designs, products, and trends, you will find these and more at Hotelex Shanghai. The international trade fair is the biggest information and communication platform in China, which allows companies to exhibit their products to the expert audience.Grandchill Refrigeration at The Hotelex Shanghai Trade Exhibition

Anyone visiting Hotelex Shanghai will find inclusive information about the latest products and services in different hospitality fields.

The Hotelex is an annually event which takes care of the entire catering and hospitality value chain from Tableware, Catering Equipment Supply, Appliances and Amenities to Beverage, Food, Ice Cream, Wine, Coffee, tea, and so much more.

On the 27th of March 2018, Grandchill Refrigeration Co., Ltd was present at the 27th Hotelex and the products showed in the hotelex fair include:

1. Frozen Yogurt Ice Cream Blending Machine
The amazing frozen yogurt blending machine is an automatic blender that mixes yogurt and ice cream with a lot of nuts, fruits, and several other ingredients.

Blended Frozen Yogurt by the Frozen Yogurnt Blender MachineDue to the fact that it offers boundless combinations, you can make delicious yogurt and ice cream with different taste. Grandchill blending machine is great equipment for restaurants, ice cream parlor, fruit shops, delicatessens, cafes, and restaurants.

2. Gelato Display Showcase
Grandchill refrigeration produces high-quality gelato showcase and with state of the art patented signature design.
The gelato showcase is absolutely beautiful. The outstanding performance and fast refrigeration are due to its PU one mold foaming wall and R404a Tecumseh compressor which keeps good temperature insulation.
The EBM fans are imported, which offers adequate heat radiation and do not generate any loud noise.
What’s more, the gelato showcase automatically defrosts, hence users do not have to defrost or take out any steamed water.

This ice cream showcase is perfect for retailer or people who want a high-quality machine with affordable price, some features include:Grandchill Refrigeration at The Hotelex Shanghai Trade Fair
• Double Layered Glass
• Automatic Defrost
• Digital Temperature Control
• Air Cooling
• LED Spot Lights;
• Stainless Steel Support Frame

3. Blast Chiller and Freezer
The freezers are excellent equipment that lowers foodstuffs temperature while preserving it during storage and protecting the food from bacteria.

Blast chiller and freezer also help to plan and prepare your meals beforehand, which prevent delay during busy days.
Furthermore, the blast chiller and freezer offer a simpler way to prepare foods ahead of time.

• A self-closing and replaceable gasket door
• Stainless steel.
• The blast chiller and freezer carry the GN1/1 pans
• The freezer is furnished with a changeable stainless steel foot.

Stand Mixers at The Hotelex Shanghai Trade ExhibitionThe door of the freezer has a door sensor, also the fan stops when the door is opened, which saves energy.
The blast chiller and freezer door frame has a removable heating wire, hence it can be changed easily.

4. Countertop Stand Mixer
This mixer comes in various colors including camouflage and pink (the ladies color). Grand chill will customize the mixer to suit your taste. Just tell us your ideas and we will do it for you.