Hand Blender

Immersion Hand BlenderManually taking up the task of blending food items can be dangerous and downright messy if you think about it. But thanks to Twothousand Machinery for creating an immersion hand blender that is safe and very easy to control, now the workers in the food industry can work in peace. The cleaning procedure has also been simplified, which yet again makes the job of a food industry work a little easier and also safer.

Why is the Twothousand Machinery’s Hand Blender safe to use and safer to clean:

Different types of innovation and consistent perseverance have led the company to install a range of additions. In turn, these additions have made the food industry workers job easier, reliable and safer. These additions to the immersion hand blender include but are not limited to adjustable buttons for speed, easy to handle body and adjustable rotary blade.

immersion hand blenderThe blade can come out and also can be installed again, which save the trouble of putting a hand inside the body of hand blender to clean this part of the machine. This way a worker can be saved from injury if the body of the blender is still plugged in. The body itself is lightweight and easier to handle, which decreases the chance of immersion hand blender to fall out of the hands of a worker. The adjustable buttons on the state of the art commercial immersion blender from Twothousand Machinery provide easier access to adjust the speeds and elevation of the aforementioned machine.