Dough Press Machine

DEM Manufactures the good quality Dough Press Machine from China. Have a look at our dough press machine, it is very convenient for the pizza shop or bakery owner to make the pizza with very short time. If use our dough press machine, you will increase the production output, save your labor cost, make more pizza and earn more money. See more details below for our dough press.

DEM - Dough Press Machine


Our dough press machine is very easy to operate in a small space, you don’t need use any extra tools like hydraulics and compressor to run it, the max pizza dough round sheet is up to 18″, it will make perfect pizza sheet for your shop.


Now hiring the labor is very costly, if you have the dough press machine at your shop, it will save a lot of cost. No need skilled labor to operate it, max. production is 600 pieces per hour, fast and easy.


> Reliable
> Safe Operation
> Easy to Clean
> Compact Table Top Design
> Heavy Duty Construction
> Trouble – Free
> Maintenance – Free
> Heat Protection Guard
> Non-Stick Work Surfaces

> Accurate and Even Dough Products
> Faster Than Hand Made
> Almost 600 pieces production per hour
> Simple and Easy Control
> Thickness Adjustable
> Modern Design
> ETL Listed
> Cheap Price
> Heavy and Stable Body


Model: ME-P18M
Capacity: 18″ (460mm)
Voltage: 120V / 240V
Size: 470x765x470 mm
Weight: 49.2 KG

Dough Press Productiona Line


Dough press is perfect for making below products

Indian Chapati
Indian Chapati
Italian Pizza
Italian Pizza
Navaho Bread
Navaho Bread
Pita Bread
Pita Bread

Why buy from us


We are professional to manufacture the dough press machine.


17 experienced in the dough equipment manufacturing industry.

Cheap Price

We supply the dough press machine from China with cheap price.


With our experience, our dough press are good quality as 100% American machines.

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Front View - Dough Press Machine - DEM
Side View - Dough Press Machine - DEM
DEM - Dough Press Machine

Our dough press machine controls the pizza ball to be the 100% same for each press, safe and easy to use, if you want to buy a cheap dough press with good quality, if you are going to make more pizza for your shop, if you want to save more labors, if you want to make more profit, so what are you waiting for? Just feel free to contact us to buy it.

Dough Press Production Line

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