Commercial Churro Machine

Have bought your automatic churros machine already? Here are some helpful tips to master its use.

Tip 1: Assemble the machine properly

It is very important to assemble the automatic churros machine properly if you want to make sure that the machine does not damage or break whilst you are using it. Follow the assembly instructions to put the machine together and in working form.Automatic Churros Machine

Tip 2: Keep the machine at room temperature

If you wish to make perfect little churros that are soft and moist on the inside and super crunchy on the outside you have to make sure the machine is at room temperature. The automatic churros machine should not be too cold or too hot. Keep it in room temperature to achieve the perfect texture with the churros.

Tip 3: Get the churros mixture right

The mixture of churros is just as crucial as using the machine itself. You have to make sure that the mixture of the churros is very consistent. It should not be too runny because the churros won’t hold their shape. It should also not be too thick or else the churros will be very dense and hard from the inside.



Tip 4: Place a bowl below machine outlet

Make sure you have a clean bowl place below the outlet point of the machine. This is where the raw churros will come out from. Collect them in a bowl and cut them to make perfect sizes.

Tip 5: Pre-heat frying oil

Always make sure that the oil is pre-heated in the fryer attached with the automatic churros machine. Never fry churros in cold oil or oil that has been heated quickly. This will affect its texture.