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We welcome you to Hotelex Shanghai, the best catering equipment, and service provider in China and Shanghai.

We are not limited to China alone, we cover and trade beyond Shanghai, and our leading workforce is situated in China where we can urgently attend to any service demand from our clients.

We know how important it is to have a trusted and experienced catering industry; suitable to represent you perfectly in your best interest, that is why we are here for you.

The impacts of Hotelex Shanghai recently in the catering and hospitality industry cannot be underestimated. Hotelex Shanghai offers an array of quality services in the catering and hospitality industry than anyone else, and this is the more reason why they are renowned service company you can always trust anytime for your quality and professional service.

We believe in our services and experience to satisfy our clients. We want to build a community having the same values and goal in meeting every customer demand in catering services and hospitality. Hotelex Shanghai started with an idea to make something great, and give the world something that it’s missing with our catering services. As parts of our goals, we believe in excellent customer service and community. Our services are widely known and recognized in different countries beyond China, and our quality services have earned us great credit in the industry.

We are professional at what we do, and everyone in China knows about our quality service. As catering and hospitality service provider in China, we have a broad knowledge about giving you a satisfactory service. We have successfully trained over 100 caterers and experts who are making it in their different locations both in China and in the US. Whenever you need a professional catering service provider, with highly professional experts, high technology, quality service, affordable price, then Hotelex Shanghai is the best place to be.

Grandchill Blast Chiller Freezer Production Line

Grandchill Blast Chiller Freezer Production Line

We give you free quotes for your service needed, and we get to work as soon as possible. After several awards as the best catering service provider in China, yet, our services are convenient and affordable to all. The secret behind the success of our company as the best professional service provider in China is that we are comfortable to work with, and we attend to details to meet your expectations.

So do you need a trusted catering Service and hospitality in China? Hotelex Shanghai has the solution to all your needs and we got you covered.

We ensure we give you the lowest price and quotation so far. We are truly diligent, and our entire clients in China and Shanghai, neighboring states and in the USA as a whole are witnesses to our success. We have gained tremendous name and highly ranked as a trusted service provider. This is not pride; we understand the rudiment and have the broad understanding of hospitality service. Our experience in the industry and expertise is the motive behind our success in the recent years; we have the ideas, knowledge, and intelligence to give you a wow service.

We are diligent in providing our services and committed to our vision. We have a board of management that sees to your satisfaction. We have a help desk available to you 247. We are friendly enough to maintain a happy relationship and deal with our clients.


Our teams of experts are skilled personnel who are committed to providing you with great service in a manner that is beyond your reasoning. Our services are based on the principles of efficiency, quality, and effectiveness and above all, customer’s satisfaction. At Hotelex Shanghai, we give you more than what you pay for; we are simply awesome.


We have 26 years of experience in meeting our customer’s services making Hotelex Shanghai a leading service provider in term of catering equipment, food, and supplies in the entire Shanghai. We help in providing you with fine food, beverage, catering equipment, cooking ingredient, wine and spirit, bakery and ice cream.

Hotelex Shanghai has recorded a huge success in the recent years with a heartbreaking record of professional visitors who came for exhibitions. We are truly the best.

The level of our professionalism displayed by our exhibitors and experienced staffs was actually second to none with the highest score of visitor satisfaction as well as loyalty reaching about 9 out of 10. We have been having overwhelming positive feedback from our client making our name to be great, expanded and preferred among other service providers.